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2009-08-05 18:50:04 by Black-Boo

You've gotta be kidding me. I've been unscouted AGAIN!? It's probably just internal server errors, but it gets annoying having my artwork taken down constantly.

Seriously, can't this be fixed?


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2009-08-05 19:05:07

There's nothing wrong, the admins think your artwork isn't worthy. Most likely because you asked your friends to scout you instead of waiting for someone to really realize the talent that has not yet been shown.

Black-Boo responds:

Okay, I know I'm not the best, but honestly, they REALLY need to lower their standards if that's the case! True, my artwork isn't "amazing", but c'mon, that's just outrageous.


2009-08-05 19:27:53



2009-08-06 15:51:01

its not an error, either people feel that your work isn't good enough to stay scouted, or the person who scouted you was unscouted themselves.

Black-Boo responds:

Well, the person that scouted me hasn't been unscouted. But seriously, I've looked around. If people don't think my art's good enough to stay posted, then honestly, you pretty much need photoshop or 5 years of art school to get in, or both.


2009-08-08 12:26:14 and in the meantime there are messy wood pencils 11 years old drawings ,left untouched.....

however its not necessarly your art that can unscout you....if someone who scouted you...or someone you scouted got him/herself unscouted for voilation of terms, then usually you get the feed back by being unscouted yourself. it happened to me once cuz a guy who could only draw sticks got unscouted...and sice he was the one who scouted me i took the blame as not making anything up its in the FAQ. such is life.


2009-08-08 12:29:41

beside your stuff is great!, its a little unfinished and rough, but you can make your character look many time characters with insane details and effects but just look like dead puppets? i say art imitate if you can draw something that look alive...then you drew a piece of art.