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Project: Oracles Reborn

2009-08-08 18:10:24 by Black-Boo

Alright, so I posted one sprite sheet from the project here, so I suppose I'm expanding here as well, but mainly for feedback and not as much for recruiting.

In short, this project is respriting everything in The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages/Seasons for the Gameboy Color, and making it more modern. Overall we may end up expanding this project beyond spriting and making a game out of it ourselves.

So, I suppose if you want in, PM me, or join up at one of the following:

Mario Fan Games Galaxy Division
The Spriters Resource Division
deviantART Division


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2009-08-23 17:42:36


(Updated ) Black-Boo responds:


Now honestly...

who are you? Seriously, you're...acting like you've known me for years.

Honestly that scares me. o.o