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Okay, seriously, WHAT THE HELL

2009-09-06 17:49:15 by Black-Boo

I've just looked back at some of my art to find I've been unscouted AGAIN. So I've looked into it further and turns out all but one of the people that have posted Zelda artwork have been unscouted (which includes hte person that scouted me as well)

Now seriously, are the art portal mods becoming like super elitist and kicking out just about anyone that doesn't make god tier artwork or something, or is this just some giant server error? I don't know, but it pisses me off, BIG TIME.


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2009-09-06 18:00:37

it's not they're fault. Hackers did it. they shut down the art bot and unscouted EVERYONE. they also deleted pretty much everything.

Black-Boo responds:

Ah, I see...

Well here's to hoping this gets sorted out soon.


2009-09-06 18:01:56

If you had looked further into it, maybe gone to the forums and searched for "unscouted", you would have found out what actually happened.

Black-Boo responds: I forgot this place had forums. ^^; I'm pretty much just here for the art and flash videos...


2009-09-06 18:06:50

i think it was the duck division. or either that or the guy who scouted you submitted spam or crap and got unscouted.