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Entry #5

More weirdness...

2009-10-07 11:37:42 by Black-Boo

So my PMs say that I've been scouted again, but when I look at my art page and art, it says I'm not scouted.

Anyone care to explain? Is the system still goofy from the hack?


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2009-10-09 22:40:04

im having problems with the audio portal


2009-10-17 17:31:10

Tom has installed a new scouting system and to introduce it, he has resetted the whole scouting tree. He wrote this on one of the last "Top 10 entries"-mails.

But donĀ“t worry, mate, I got unscouted myself just one day before the resetting... So we have to wait again...

Black-Boo responds: